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Why we love South Yarra.

South Yarra is continually voted as the most desirable place to live in Melbourne by Melburnians. Bordered by Commercial Road to the south, St Kilda Road to the west, Williams Road to the east and the Yarra River to the north, South Yarra is a diverse though prestigious inner city suburb. It is most famous for the Chapel Street shopping strip, which stretches from the Yarra River three kilometres down to Dandenong Road in Windsor.

Similar to Toorak to its east, the higher parts of South Yarra were quickly snapped up by the wealthy for their mansions and gardens while the low lying areas were carved up into tiny lots for the working class.

Punt Road got its name from the punts needed in the 1800’s to cross the river, until construction of bridges rendered them unnecessary. From the 1930’s, flats around Park Street between the Botanic Gardens and Fawkner Park became a popular neighbourhood among middle class workers, including gay men and along with neighbouring Prahran the area emerged as the epicentre for gay life in Melbourne.

Today fashion retail dominates as well as the bars, night clubs and dining options along Chapel. For us though, its location makes it the perfect base to explore everything Melbourne has to offer. Walking distance to the best parks and attractions and public transport options a plenty. We know it will become your favourite place to stay when you visit Melbourne.

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